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            CNC drilling machine
            Complete set CNC high speed plane drilling machine
            Gantry rail type CNC high speed drilling machine
            Complete set CNC hydraulic drilling machine
            Rail type CNC hydraulic drilling machine
            H-type three-dimensional drilling machine
            Drum, header CNC drilling machine
            Plate processing center
            Imported shot blasting machine
            Boring and milling manufacturing center
            High speed milling machine
            Special machine
            Machine accessories
            Manufacturing center
            Industrial control products

            Wuxi Jinying Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
            ADD: Room 1706 of Modern international industrial design building NO.801 Hongqiao Road ,Binhu District ,Wuxi city ,Jiangsu Province ,China
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            Industry dynamic
            Location:Home--Industry dynamic
            The year of the horse and message ", create brilliant"-金伯利起重設備
            The year of the horse and message ", create brilliant"

            Send away the snake, usher Jun Ma, a symbol of war in ancient China, with a mettlesome and handsome bearing. On the occasion of the new year, on behalf of Gold Eagle Co to extend cordial greetings and heartfelt thanks to social all circles, long-term care and support to our growth and development of therelatives and friends! To all staff of the company this year to hard work and familysilently support, to pay tribute and deeply appreciate! At the same time, bless you in the new year: the year of the horse auspicious happiness and goog health!

            A snap of the fingers, went through the year, over the past year, through our staffof solidarity, hard work, positive enterprising, management and further standardized, technical strength and constantly improve. Create a unity, learn,play, and harmonious atmosphere. The company all staff hard sweat, well completion of all the work, made a great contribution. Bid farewell to two zero one three, this way of suffering and all of Ledu will turn into memories.

            The new year is coming, this year is the year of the horse, "horse" always give a person a kind of intuition and actively, bold and unrestrained, heroic,atmospheric, and this year will usher in the ten anniversary of the founding of the company so that special festive days. Review this along the way, we had morelike a child learning to walk stumbled to learn to walk until now has to grow up.Sum up the past, although there has been a lot of proud achievement, but there are still many problems still need to improve. I firmly believe that as long as we unite as one, innovation, hard work, the bold exploration, we will fly development in the second ten years, bigger and stronger. We must fully understand the current situation, both in the developed economies, and emerging economies,the world economic growth slowdown in common. How to get out of the bottleneck, the healthy and steady development, become an important subject ofthe company. We must keep time with a sense of crisis, "the firm confidence, is the source of strength, to overcome the crisis of science and technology innovation, is the fundamental means" to overcome the crisis, as the guide. Wemust adhere to the principle of respect for talent, scientific development, further improve service awareness. Use of global resources and constantly improve ourstrategic layout. Provide top level of technology products and services to international manufacturing industry, to seize the high-end market.

            At the beginning of two zero one four, as long as we gather strength, strengthenlearning, to strict self-discipline, strictly control product quality mark, high standard, high efficiency thought to meet the new challenges, we will make newachievements, more brilliant!

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