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            Wuxi Jinying Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
            ADD: Room 1706 of Modern international industrial design building NO.801 Hongqiao Road ,Binhu District ,Wuxi city ,Jiangsu Province ,China
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            Industry dynamic
            Location:Home--Industry dynamic
            Dandong fengneng industry Limited by Share Ltd-金伯利起重設備
            Dandong fengneng industry Limited by Share Ltd

            Dandong fengneng industry Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the"Dandong Feng can") is located in Dandong City -- Donggang Economic Development Zone in Liaoning Province, "five points and one line" coastal economic belt, is a large ring forging manufacturing. Company east of the Yalu River Estuary National Nature Reserve, distance Donggang 3 km, 30 km away from Dandong, 15 kilometers from the Dandong airport, and is adjacent to andShen Dan, Dan Da Highway, with convenient railway, highway, waterway andaerial stereo traffic advantage.

            Dandong Feng 100000000 yuan registered capital, the investment of 600000000 yuan. Company chairman Xu Dongfu has long-term overseas workingbackground and experience in international trade, with 60% of the shares. The company covers an area of 200000 square meters, from Germany, Korea4500mm, 7000mm heavy duty CNC ring rolling machine and 3600 tons, 6000 tons of press and other international advanced, first-class industry forging, ring rolling, heat treatment and machining equipment more than 120 Taiwan (sets)and well-equipped physical and chemical laboratory. Is the domestic industry withthe most advanced technology, capacity of the largest, most complete projectlayout. Production reached a diameter of 7000mm, height 1200mm, weight 25tons of ring forgings. The electrical control system of the production processadopts the microcomputer control system and the German Siemens, online real-time monitoring on product molding. In the same industry leading position in the domestic. Germany Wsagner, South Korea Kaltek company technical experts to provide technical services, the joint development of new products, and access to the provincial special funds to support the.

            Dandong fengneng products are widely applied to the field of wind power, ship,metallurgy, petrochemical, ports, mines, pressure vessel, military aviation,engineering machinery, with an annual output of 12-15 million tons of large ringforgings and forgings production capacity. The company is committed to create a world - class research and development, production base of large ring forgings.

            Dandong Feng to 2010 by the Bureau Veritas (BV) ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. In 2011 April passed the VESTAS supplier certification, to become the official VESTAS flange global sourcing qualified suppliers. In 2011 April passed the national special equipment inspection institute group of experts on-site inspection, it has achieved the pressure piping components (forged flange)of manufacturing license.

            Dandong Feng is at present ring forgings domestic scale is biggest, one of thestrongest manufacturing enterprises. The main products are wind tower flange,rotary bearing, a speed increaser gear ring, the yaw gear rings etc.. Since 2009 the company since August has been put into production, manufacture, production of dozens of new products. Some products to fill the domestic blank, become asubstitute for imported products. Product quality and performance to meet or exceed the level of similar foreign products, broad market prospect at home and abroad.

            Dandong Feng to a high standard, high starting point, in the short period of two years, with its advantages of products quickly won the favor of customers at home and abroad well-known. Have been at home and abroad more than twentywell-known wind power, heavy equipment leading enterprises have established cooperative relations, constantly enhance the share of supply. After two years of rapid construction and development, Dandong Feng can highlight the leading position in the industry, its technology and equipment advantages, product market advantage has become apparent, the market prospect is broad domestic and foreign products.

            Two years in the market, the flange of wind power tower, Dandong Feng can exhibit strong competitive strength, has the production models are: Jin Feng, Rui Hua, three one, Dongfeng, CRE, Ming Yang, Hunan, combined power, SIEMENS,VESTAS etc.. The current production capacity: forging, machine with two shifts production, monthly a finished 2000 pieces (6-7 wind field).

            Beyond the requirements of customers, to build the world's best ring forgingmanufacturing enterprises. Dandong Feng can warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers and friends from all walks of life to visit, to discuss cooperation!

            Dandong fengneng industry Limited by Share Ltd 6 meters CNC high speeddrilling machine


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