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            12 groups of through type steel structure of automatic sandblasting machine-金伯利起重設備
            12 groups of through type steel structure of automatic sandblasting machine

            Shot blasting machine: 12 groups

            The specification of 12 groups

            1, the length of the whole 48 meters

            2, the height of < 8 m

            3, of 40 tons burden

            4, maximum clearing member size (length * width * height) 12000 x 1500 x 2400mm

            5, shot blasting machine (polishing head) set in Taiwan assembly manufacturing,belt wheel transmission device

            The number of 12

            Motor power side, top, bottom is greater than or equal to 15kW,

            Projectile velocity is greater than or equal to 78m/s

            6, cleaning type

            The main cast welding structure using 10mm steel plate, steel chamber body,throwing all indoor high chromium wear-resistant cast iron shield protection.

            The auxiliary chamber body with 6mm common plate, indoor hanging 8 rubbercurtain (thickness 6 mm) to prevent the ball pops up, with a steel ball sand material recycling device.

            6mm common plate with the purge chamber body, the length of 2500 mm L steel ball sand material recycling device

            7, a belt conveying device of conveyor belt material wear rubber, the normal service life of 2 years, models of power motor inlet to 3.75kw+ reducer.

            1 years of normal material abrasion resistance of 8, material bucket type liftingbelt machine lifting Taiwan manufacturing special belt, a hopper lifespan, drumwith antiskid design made into a cage, hoist the upper part of a tensioning deviceregularly check the belt tightness to prevent slipping.

            9, sand recycling system of mechanical recovery components: belt conveyor,screw conveyor, hoist, sand and dust separator.

            10, sand supply and sand quantity control device for cylinder automatic control switch, manual screw adjusting ball quantity, operation panel indicator

            11, dust removal system of bag type automatic pulse blowback (inverse washing system), the normal service life of 5000 hours, check and disassembling durable and reliable convenient to replace the dust removal system.

            12, derusting grade Sa2.5

            13, the whole machine power 260.25kw

            14, the equipment noise outside the wall 1 meters less than or equal to 75dB

            15, dust emissions 75-80mg/m3

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